This is an in-development script for the comic Psychopath.

Episode 1 - The Escape

Page 1

Frame 1: Outside the prison. A starry night sky hangs above the structure. A siren begins to wail.

Frame 2-3: Searchlights activate.

Frame 4: The floor inside the prison, the boots of several guards running across.

Page 2

Frame 1: Front view. “Camera” looks up to the guards’ faces. An announcement blares through speakers overhead.

Announcer: Attention! Attention! All personnel, please respond!

Frame 2: Full-body side view of the guards running.

Announcer: Prisoner Z-1 has escaped containment! I repeat: Prisoner Z-1 has escaped containment!

Frame 3: Side view again. The hallway darkens.

Announcer: This is a priority one situation!

Frame 4: Front view. The captain raises his arm, signalling to stop.

Announcer: Capture and/or kill him at all costs!

Frame 5: Xophtré stands in the center of the dark corridor, looking to the floor. His expression is blank.

Page 3

Frame 1: The guards raise their weapons.

Captain: Z-1! Return to your cell immediately, or we will be forced shoot!

Frame 2-3: Xoph looks up slightly, then back down.

Frame 4: Back to the guards.

Capt: Ready...!

The guards prime their weapons.

Xoph (out of frame): Only seven...?

Frame 5: Back to Xoph.

Capt (oof): What?

Frame 6: Xoph smiles.

Frame 7: Front view of Xoph from a distance. His tendrils are out, his eye is glowing bright, and he’s smiling wickedly.

Xoph: We were expecting way more than that!

Page 4

Frame 1: The guards again.


Frame 2: The guards open fire.

Frame 3: Xoph runs towards the guards. Several holes are shot through him.


Frame 4: Xoph slashes one guard with his right arm.

Frame 5: He backhands another into the wall- also with his right arm.

Frame 6: One of his tendrils extends and impales two guards.

Page 5

Frame 1: The Captain and the two remaining guards back away.

Frame 2: Xoph lunges at them.

Frame 3: He picks up the two guards by their necks and strangles them.

Frame 4-5: He drops the now lifeless guards.

Frame 6: Xoph looks at the Captain.

Xoph: NOW-

Frame 7: BANG! Xoph’s head is blown off.

Frame 8: Xoph’s body collapses. The camera shows the Captain, who's holding a shotgun.

Page 6

Frame 1: Capt. lowers the shotgun and raises his hand to a communicator in his ear.

Frame 2: Capt. turns around.

Capt.: Command? This is Captain Daniel Johnson. Prisoner Z-1 has been eliminated. I repeat: Z-1 has been eliminated.

Frame 3: View shifts to Xoph’s body.

Capt.: No sir, I'm the only survivor. He killed all the others.

Frame 4: Xoph’s head started to regrow.

Capt.: Yes sir, I can confirm he is dead. ... I blew his head off with a shotgun!

Xoph: Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.

Frame 5: View shifts back to Capt. His face is in utter terror. A large, smiling shadow stands behind him, it's hands on his shoulders.

Insanity: You really thought that would work, didn't you?

Page 7

Frame 1: Scene changes to the command room. The boss and several other agents are standing around, working frantically.

Boss: C-Captain Johnson? Please respond.

Communicator: Kssssshhhhhhhhhh…

Frame 2: View angle shifts slightly.

Boss: Captain, respond!

Comm.: ...ssssshhhhhhhhhh *click*

Boss: !

Frame 3: Front view of the boss. He’s horrified.

Xoph (through comm.): I’m very sorry sir, but Captain Johnson is currently unable to speak with you. Please leave a message after the scream.

Frame 4: Boss flinches.

Comm.: *SNAP*


Frame 5: The boss just stands there, shocked.

Frame 6: No change.

Xoph (comm.): I know you’re still there. I can hear you breathing.

Page 8

Frame 1: Scene changes back to Xoph in the hallway.

Xoph: Fortunately, I plan on changing that.

Frame 2: View angle shifts.

Xoph: See you soon~

Frame 3: Xoph lowers the communicator.

Frame 4: And crushes it in his hand.

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